$ 49.00
This unique timer was specifically designed for the classroom teacher to use in timing tests, reading assignments, science experiments or any other classroom or school activity. When placed on the stage of any standard overhead projector, or document camera, the TeachTimer projects in large numerals the amount of minutes/seconds remaining during timed events. A Pre-Alarm warning feature lets you set a warning of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 minutes before time set for activity is to expire. The TeachTimer can also be placed on a desktop in a stand-up position for personal or small group viewing. An indispensable "time management tool" for teachers and students.

· Timer can count down to or up from zero.
· Timing counts can be paused or repeated.
· Audible signal gives pre-warning before end of timing count.
· In chronograph mode, lap key allows elapsed time to be read while timer keeps running.
· Clock mode gives choice of twelve or 24-hour format.
· Battery-saver mode lets clock run with display turned off.
· One-year warranty

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