Life Cycles Mini Mini Bulletin Board Set

Creative Teaching Press

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SKU: CTP6991

Use this 48-piece Life Cycles Mini Bulletin Board with Gr. K-2 students to help them:
-Understand common animal and plan life cycles
-Comprehend the stages in the lifecycle of the frog, butterfly, and sunflower
-Identify the correct sequence in the life cycle of the frog, butterfly, and sunflower

Color photographs cover the following topics:
Lifecycles of frog: tadpole, growing tadpole, emergent frog, and adult frog

Lifecycle of butterfly: Eggs, larva/caterpillar, pupa/chrysalis, and adult

Lifecyle of sunflower: germinating, sprouting, growing, flowering, and seeds develop.

Activity insert guide includes list of relevant science standards, as well as, a list of academic vocabulary and their definitions. Guide also includes display ideas, classroom activities, and related learning standards