Kore WOBBLE Chair

$ 67.95
I can't say enough good things about the Kore Wobble Chair and I am thrilled that we can help get these chairs into classrooms. The Kids Kore Wobble Chair is a simple seat design to allow movement I had two of these in my first grade last year and the kids LOVED to sit in the KORE seat. The base of the Kids Kore Wobble Chair is designed to allow movement in 360 degrees, but it's not too wobbly so it doesn't tip over. Another benefit is when you stand up, the Kids Kore Wobble Chair stays in place, unlike therapy balls that will roll away. The Kids Kore Wobble Chair will allow rocking from side to side, front to back, or anywhere in between.

This has great potential application within the world of special needs. For some children, their brains have a hard time processing where their body is in space. To compensate, their bodies stay in constant motion to give the brain the feedback to understand where they are.

For children with low tone, the Kids Kore Wobble Chair requires constant activity from their muscles. The Kids Kore Wobble Chair does not allow them to slump in their seat and be sedentary. "Therapy sessions" happen without your child knowing it. The Kids Kore Wobble Chair also promotes proper posture for the back and head. The infinite possibilities of movement allow children to find the best spot for their posture.

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