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Say Happy Birthday in Upcycle Style with these colorful cupcakes. Playful patterns layered with realistic-looking fabrics and colorful accents make these cupcakes a charming way to celebrate student birthdays. The Upcycle Style of these cupcakes will make your classroom feel warm, friendly and inspiring.

Display the eye-catching Happy Birthday! Headline, the 12 month cupcakes, and the student pennants as a year-long class birthday bulletin board. Have students use the data from the birthday display to create a class birthday graph. For smaller spaces, display the Happy Birthday! headline, the current month's cupcake, and corresponding student pennants. Use the blank balloon sign to write a birthday message to or post a photo of the birthday student. These colorful pieces in this set are great for use in a school, workplace, dormitory, or senior living residence. This Upcycle Style Classroom Jobs mini bulletin board brings rustic whimsy and playful textures to your class jobs display. Upcycle Style features realistic-looking woodgrain, colorful fabrics, paper-like textures, white stitching and metal accents on each job pocket for a charming and modern look.

Mini bulletin board set also includes an instructional guide with display ideas and classroom lesson activities.
This rustic set can be displayed in a variety of ways. Staple the job signs to a bulletin board and slide the student name pieces into them to indicate job assignments. Or attach job signs to a ribbon, glue student name pieces to clothespins, and clip student names to job pieces.

This set includes:
0599 Upcycle Style Happy Birthday Mini Bulletin Board set: Set includes 50 pieces: one Happy Birthday headline, 12 month cupcakes, 36 student mini flags, and 1 blank frame. Pieces range in size from 2 ?' x 5½" to 21" x 6", Cupcakes are approximately 5 ?" x 5½", Student pieces are approximately 2 ?" x 5½", Display guide included

0600 Upcycle Style Classroom Jobs Mini Bulletin Board Set: This 52-piece set includes 10 prelabeled job pockets (Playground Equipment, Pencils, Chairs, Messenger, Pets, Doors, Line Leader, Papers, Supplies, Plants), 5 blank job pockets, and 36 student job sticks. Title headline measures 21" x 6", Job pockets measure 5¾" x 5?", Student sticks measure ¾" x 5½".

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