Place Value Mini Bb Set

$ 7.99
Help students understand the meaning of the base-ten number system, learn different ways to represent and write numbers, and practice composing and decomposing numbers to 999 with this vibrant 21-piece mini bulletin board. Use the place value number slider to create numbers up to 999 for classroom instruction or student activities. Display the reference pieces in a pocket chart, on a bulletin board, or in a learning center. Pieces range in size from 5.25" x 6" to 21" x 8"
Place value number slider measures 10.5" x 21"
Content addressed:
Composing and decomposing numbers to 999
Different ways to represent numbers (ten frame, number bond, place value chart, base-ten blocks)
Different ways to write numbers (standard form, word form, expanded form)
Reading numbers to the millions place

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