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Help students understand what it means to be a close reader with the 21 pieces in this informative set. Use the pieces to introduce students to reading strategies that will enable them to gain a deeper understanding of a text by asking text-dependent questions and expressing their comprehension using evidence-based terms. Work together as a class to closely read and further investigate a text using the text annotation cards. Use the content-rich pieces for instruction, for reference, and to support core learning standards! Perfect for grades 3—5.
Pieces range in size from 6?x 5.25" to 21?x 6?
Content addressed:
What close readers do
What to look for and do during the first, second, and third readings of a text
Evidence-based terms
Text-dependent questions
Text annotations

Tip: Use the Evidence-Based Terms card to spark a class discussion about additional evidence-based terms that students can use when discussing a text after reading closely. Create a bulletin board display featuring these student-generated terms.

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