Deluxe Multimedia Stereo Headset W/

$ 49.50
The 3066 Deluxe Multimedia Stereo headset is designed for small group or independent learning in computer labs, online or in classrooms and libraries.

The 3066 offers ambient noise-reducing, over-ear earcups to help students stay more on task while minimizing the need to increase the volume for hearing protection. Its noise-reducing boom microphone is ideal for vocal recordings and is the recommended headset by leading reading programs. The individual volume control gives students a comfortable and customized sound experience that's valuable for sustained practice in literacy or language programs and help support the ELA requirements within the Common Core State Standards.

Durable ABS plastic earcups

In-line volume control

Adjustable, padded headband with replaceable foam-filled ear cushions

Around-ear ambient noise-reducing earcups deliver maximum protection against exterior sounds (without added electronic circuitry and expense).

This reduces the need to increase the volume (protecting the ears) and helps keep students on task.

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