Monaural Headphone 5 Coiled Cord

$ 24.50
Built for student comfort and ruggedness, it delivers high quality voice reproduction that's critical in ELL and ELD lessons, day to day classroom uses and assessments. It has comfy, noise-reducing circumaural earcups designed to minimize external distractions and keep students more on task (which also decreases the need to raise the volume to potentially damaging levels).
Its audio playback is calibrated to enhance the tonal range of the human voice for use in language learning.
1. Fully adjustable headband
2. Recessed wiring for safety
3. Deep, noise-reducing circumaural earcups lower external noise so volume needn't as high, for hearing safety
4. Reinforced entry point of the cord into the earcup
5. Replaceable 6' coiled cord long enough to avoid accidental pull out
6. 1/4" mono plug
7. Slotted baffles prevent speaker access (2924EC earpad covers shown on right earcup)
8. Easy to clean ear cushions
9. Rugged ABS headstrap and earcups resist breakage in high-use situations

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