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As teachers ourselves, we know how important it is for students to practice skills over the summer. We also understand the busy summer schedules of families. 

Your PTA has the opportunity to make $5 for each sale of the #1 teacher-recommended, award-winning workbook that millions of parents have trusted for over 15 years!

It's a fundraising idea that everyone will be excited about; parents, teachers, administrators, and students! Children can lose up to 2 months of academic knowledge over the summer. That's why millions of parents and education professionals choose Summer Bridge Books to provide fun, engaging activities for their students during the summer break.

Price of book to parents: $14.99
Price of book to school: $9.99
Profit made by school: $5.00

Why should you choose Summer Bridge Activities® as your fundraiser?

  • Provided sales materials
  • No complicated order forms
  • No inventory to store
  • Easy buy-in from parents and the school administrator
  • Strongest benefit to student
  • Fulfillment will occur towards the end of the school year

School stops for the summer, but learning never should!

For more information please contact us today at or call 206-660-2926. You can also download this flyer!


PTA Fundraiser Options

Option 1 Option 2

Your Cost for each book….



Savings Off retail Price of $14.99...

$5.00 (Save 33%)

$5.00 (Save 33%)

Sell To Parents For...

You Choose the price:

From $9.99 to $14.99 

We choose the price:


Fundraising Profit

Up to $5.00 per book

$3.00 per book


Free delivery to your school

Free delivery to your school

Parent Flyer / Order Form...

Free custom design

Free custom design

Payment Handling...

Orders are returned to school and processed by the PTA

Parents order the books on our website

Order Tallying...

PTA compiles &
total orders

We tally & total orders

Sort books by
/ teacher...

Books are delivered labeled with the student’s information. Books distributed to classrooms.

Books are delivered  labeled with the student’s information. Books distributed to classrooms.